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The annual CPRS Awards of Excellence are an anticipated event that recognizes and rewards outstanding public relations programs and projects from across the country.

Established in 1962, the awards salute outstanding public relations campaigns, internal and external programs and tactics, and the dedication and contribution of public relations professionals like you. The awards also encourage continuous improvement in the practice of public relations.

These awards are exclusive to CPRS members and are a tremendous source for profile and prestige for individuals and teams as they showcase Canada's best public relations talent at work.

There are 18 team/individual categories within the Awards of Excellence, plus student awards and major awards. The Awards of Excellence categories allow submissions to be judged against similar work and represent some of the key practice areas and tactics within public relations. The Major Awards are Canada’s most coveted public relations honours and highlight the achievements, dedication and contributions our members have made to the Society and the public relations industry.

For more details and to submit, please visit CPRS National's Awards page.

The BC Provincial PR Communications Leadership Awards, jointly sponsored by CPRS-VI, CPRS Northern Lights and CPRS Vancouver, are currently on hold. We strongly encourage VI members to participate in the exciting national CPRS awards program!

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