CPRS Vancouver Island
CPRS Vancouver Island


Belonging to CPRS can help you stay current in your field, gain experience in an area you may want to explore through volunteering, and connect with like-minded individuals for referrals, recommendations and ideas.

Joining CPRS is an investment in your personal and professional growth and development.

Whether you are a future, present or retired public relations pro, there is a place just for you in our community of practice.

  • We invite students actively taking for-credit courses - part-time or full-time - at a recognized post-secondary institution to join us as a Student member
  • If you are a budding public relations practitioner with less than two years experience, then you can join our community of practice as an Affiliate member.
  • If you work or teaching in public relations and have more than two year's experience, join us as a Full Member, with full access to local and national suite of benefits and services.
  • If you are a CPRS member who has retired from the practice of public relations but want to stay active within the community of practice, let us know so we can invite you to continue on as a Retired Member.

For more information please contact Ruth Mojeed, CPRS-VI Membership Chair.

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