CPRS Vancouver Island
CPRS Vancouver Island


Connect with a Community of Professionals

CPRS-VI members know that businesses who support the Society are those who will also support their needs — just like our current sponsors do every day.

CPRS-VI's sponsors know that their involvement in our events and activities exposes their organization to a powerful network. We connect our sponsors to more than 100 PR and communications professionals who work in a variety of industries and who have extensive reach and influence around Vancouver Island.
Become a Sponsor

Good turns don't go unnoticed at CPRS-VI. We're grateful to have your support, at a level that's comfortable for you, and will do our best as a reciprocal partner.

As a volunteer Society, funds and in-kind support are always required and appreciated. Let us know which options work best for you. Contact any of our Board of Directors to get started.

Be Visible, Earn Benefits

Each sponsor agreement is developed to suit the specific needs of those who choose to partner with us. The combination of benefits we offer may include:

•        Company logo on CPRS-VI website

•        Mentions on CPRS-VI social media channels

•        Mentions in the CPRS-VI “e-blast” electronic bulletin

•        Name mention at professional development and networking events

•        Annual Conference “Beyond the Hype” (program guide, web page)

•        Annual Media Crawl Event

•        Providing your promotional products for events

•        Student events

•        Awards (regional component for national exposure)

•        Banners or signage

•        Food sponsors for events

We’re always open and interested in hearing new ideas for developing sponsorship alliances.

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