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The accreditation process follows a strict calendar which makes it easier for you to schedule work and study time.


A few months before the December application deadline, you should carefully evaluate your commitments for the following year. Will you have the time, resources and motivation required to complete the accreditation examination?

Once you have decided to proceed:

  • consult a member of your Member Society's accreditation committee for guidance and assistance;
  • identify possible subjects for your work example;
  • collect relevant reference materials;
  • discuss your work example topics and possible forms of presentation with your local accreditation committee members;
  • identify three colleagues, two of whom are accredited members of CPRS, who are willing to attest to your skills as a practitioner - these references are required as part of your formal application; and
  • complete the confidential Application for Accreditation available from the CPRS national office and make sure it is returned before the December 1 deadline.

Now is the time to contemplate the theme of your work example. Map out the content and flow of the report and prepare a rough abstract outlining the theme and purpose of the work.

If you were unsuccessful in completing a previous exam or, if by not submitting a work example, you did not complete the accreditation process, you may try again. Your accreditation file can be re-activated during either of the next two accreditation periods. In each case, you must submit a letter confirming your intent by January 31.


Discuss your draft work example with a member, or members, of your local accreditation committee.


Once you have completed your formal work example, prepare three (3) copies and submit them to the CPRS national office before the April 1 deadline.


The CPRS national office issues a letter of confirmation that your work example has been received and forwards the material to the regional examiners and graders. If you do not receive this confirmation by April 10, contact the CPRS national office to request clarification.


The graders evaluate the work examples and report the results to the regional examiners, who advise the chief examiners and the national office. By the end of May, the national office advises you whether you have received a passing grade on the work example and are eligible to proceed.


Time waits for no one. Your work example is just one portion of your accreditation process — once it is submitted, you should begin research and reading in preparation for the examinations. Prepare comprehensive notes related to the practice of public relations and the code of conduct upheld by the National Society. This puts you in good stead for the formal examinations in October or November. Exact dates for the examinations are established in the spring and communicated to all candidates shortly thereafter.


Examinations are generally scheduled for late October or early November in your local community or the nearest large centre. An examination centre is only established whenever there is more than five candidates in a region.


You receive formal notice of your performance in the accreditation process. If you are successful, you will be recognized as an accredited member following the presentation of your certificate at the annual general meeting of the National Society. Congratulations!

An examination centre is established whenever there are more than five candidates in a region.

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